Saturday 14 June 2014

Home sweet home

The last time you saw our flat, it looked something like this, I believe:

We have been slowly but surely adding to it and trying to make it into a bit more of a home.

You will remember the near Odyssean search we had for a decent sofa, which we are very happy with, but we needed more, more, more! A TV cabinet was soon to follow - and then a highly important piece of furniture that, when installed, finally made the place start to really feel comfortable. I am, of course, talking about the thing every home needs - a bookcase.  We found this one:
It's a beauty, no?! Me love it long time.
Much to my excitement, it was time to crack open all the remaining cardboard boxes and see what exciting things we had! 
This is only a small representation of everything - as I found two more boxes after this!
Hmm...  So let's inventory this:
  1. DVDs that we never watch. 
  2. All the German books I have bought (and never used).
  3. Blockbusters, the board game. Because, you know, everyone needs a bit of Bob in their lives! Can I have a P please!
  4. Assorted board games we hardly ever play - as board games for two aren't as much fun.
  5. Actual books of any worth.

So basically, in the mad packing frenzy that was leaving the UK, I mainly threw in a bunch of useless s***e.

Ho hum, anyway after some overly enthusiastic alphabetising of the books that had made it and some loving polishing of the new bookcase, we ended up with a pleasingly full and rather attractive end result:

Since then, we have also bought a rug, some cocktail glasses (tres important!), some cushions and a console for the dining room (arrival pending). So do you want to see the end result of the lounge? Yes? Yes? Oh, alright then!
We are waiting for a beautiful photo to arrive for the wall behind Jan.  Will be posting again when it gets here!!
The view from the sofa into the dining room.
In the first picture the wall above Jan will soon be adorned with a canvas picture of a photo Jan took with his own fair hand.  I will post a picture of it when it gets here, because it's an amazing shot!

There is also one more thing we have bought which we have to show you - but we have to wait for the last part of it to arrive before we unveil it! Stay tuned!

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