Wednesday 9 July 2014

Snuggling down for winter

Well, winter is finally setting in here and the days and nights are colder, so we have been putting the finishing touches to the flat to make it as cosy as possible. Also, I promised to update you on the one last thing I hadn't posted a picture of from the last post, so don't scroll down, because I've left that treat til last!

You scrolled didn't you? NAUGHTY.

Back to the flat, and firstly, we needed a small footrest so we could put our feet up while we watched the telly:

Ahem. Small it is not.
Seriously, I think we have a wood fetish problem.  But it's the best table ever! It has useful drawers that you can store stuff in! It took me half an hour of desperate, swear-laden searching for the TV remote the other day, before I realised what Jan had done with it...

Damn you, remote!
The next piece of furniture I like to call the "Age maker". Why? Because I feel SO OLD owning one. Dudes, I am now part-owner of a HALLWAY TABLE. I've put flowers on it. Dear god, what has life come to? Jan found it and it matches the bookcase perfectly (are you getting this? CO-ORDINATED FURNITURE PEOPLE - what in the sweet hell?!).  It actually looks really good and, as it's opposite the front door, I am greeted by pictures of my framily* as I come in.  Which is awesome.  And totally makes up for the outbreak of maturity that has afflicted us.

* My family and the people I consider to be family. Think it will catch on?! You've all been using it for years already, haven't you?! *Sigh*  

Finally, I would like to introduce you to Matilda. She is the "one thing" aforementioned. She is a thing of beauty and of grace. She is sleek, chic and super fantastique. She is a mean machine and she is our travelling queen. You've guessed, haven't you? Here she is:

Yes, I name my cars.

I am in love with her. LOVE.
The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed the thing we have been waiting a long time for:

Yeah we did!  And I don't care if it's cheesy!

I've been driving the car to work (my bike is now abandoned in the office basement, looking lonely and forlorn. It won't fit in the damn car boot so I can get it home) and I've already managed to make a total fool of myself trying to reverse park in front of colleagues and builders. It was my first time in a brand new, much bigger car! I couldn't even find reverse! They had to go around the corner of the street to hide their hysterics! Oh, the shame!

We also took her on the road this weekend too, which I shall tell you all about in the next post!

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