About Cate

So I should probably explain in the small print here who I am and what I do, as not many people know how it all works (including me most of the time).  I’m a Brummie by birth, a Londoner by surviving ten years of it and a stenographer by profession.
Many years ago I got duped by an ad scarily similar to this:

And duly applied.

Now I work with deaf people.  (For a comprehensive description of what I do, go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech-to-text_reporter).  Suffice to say, it mainly involves typing down everything that anyone says, however fast they say it, despite whether it makes sense or is in fact worth saying in the first place.  It then appears on my laptop screen (yes, even when you look pointedly at me and say “this isn’t for the notes”.  Well guess what?  I’m not DOING your damn notes) and then people can read it and that stupid joke you made that nobody laughed at is saved for posterity FOREVER.  Hah.

I’ve worked in court, in offices, in councils, in banks, in theatres, in museums, in comedy venues, in cafes and in someone’s living room.  So it’s fair to say I’ve done the rounds and have many ridiculous stories to show for it.  My most embarrassing mistake so far has been writing “secondal bum” (should’ve been “second album”) during a Greg Proops comedy gig, for which he spent the rest of the evening roundly abusing me.  Things can only get better, surely?

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