Sunday 7 September 2014

Holiday to Hobbit Land (a poetic retelling)

In August we had a fantastic trip to New Zealand.  In fact, it was so fantastic, I have broken out into spontaneous poetry to describe it...  So, erm, enjoy!

We departed Sydney in a sea of fog:

And after airborne views that left us agog:

We landed in Queenstown to find our car:

And on our drive we gazed afar:

An inn we found to get us fed:

Before we reached our home (with bed):

Thus ended day one, dear lads and lasses,
(Well, we also went and bought ski passes),
So for day two we were ready to go,
All we needed now was a little snow...

Sunday dawned fine and bright,
We were up with the early light,
With skis and poles and boots and boards
We joined the other skiing hordes.
And made our way up to the peak,
And the views at the top? C'est magnifique!

However, what skiers never want to have seen
Are rocks and ice and bits of green,
We saw plenty of all, and with a clear understanding
That they don't make for a happy landing,
We prayed to the snow gods with all our might,
"Please send to us a bit more white".

The next day's weather gave skiers pain,
Yes, that's right! There was lots of rain!
So with our Alpine plans unfurled,
We decided to go to Puzzle World!

Funny angles...

... and optical illusions...

... Caused our brains a lot of confusions!

But while it rained and rained in the town below,
Up on the mountain, it was snow, snow, snow!
So while some of us (Cate) were woken too early,
Others of us (Jan) were distinctly less surly,
And thought today was the best of times,
As we rushed up the hill to go and grab fresh lines.

After two snowy days, which were sure to tire,
We sat down with some port and a nice log fire:

On Thursday, the curse of the rain came once more,
So we set off on a lovely driving tour.
We drove through the valleys, which were most sublime,
Until we reached an old gold mine,
Where Chinese workers panned for treasure,
And lived in not-exactly-leisure:

(And it wouldn't be a trip of mine,
If we hadn't stopped for a glass of wine...)

Next day on the hill, we froze and shivered,
Even Jan's beard was a victim of the blizzard:

But where to get warm? That was the rub,
Until we found the guests' hot tub:

On the last skiing day, we couldn't feel glum,
Because finally we got some sun!

Then it was time, our tracks to make,
But not without a last view of the lake:

Spotting ducks diving for food:

Taking pictures with large chucks of wood*
*It's the old pronunciation. Ahem.

And taking some pictures of nature in splendour:

And eating a burger, from a famous burger vendor:

That is our tale, - we hope you liked our rhyme,
New Zealand, we love you! Until next time!

PS! If you prefer your poetry in motion,
Check out this awesome edit Jan put together: