Sunday 8 June 2014

Sydney lights up in honour of us living here*

* This might be a lie

Well, the last few posts have been quite wordy, so I think for this post I will tell you about the light festival that's happening in Sydney at the moment and let Jan's pictures do the talking.

As a child one of my favourite times of the year was October and November - not only for the fact it was my birthday but also because of the Walsall Illuminations held at Walsall Arboretum. It was always fun on a chilly autumn evening to go around looking at all the light displays - and of course there was a fair (INCLUDING CANDY FLOSS!) at the end of it, which also added to the excitement. So imagine my joy when we heard the central business district was lighting up to celebrate our six months here! (Well, and also for the Vivid Festival, which is coincidentally the same time of year. Bad planning, Sydney, bad planning). Sadly, I found no candy floss, but we did have a lovely supper and an enjoyable walk around the harbour looking at all the buildings in - well, in a new light. Boom, boom!

First, some shots of the bridge and harbour area:

The Sydney Harbour Bridge - you could actually take a turn at changing the lights on the bridge yourself - but we couldn't find out where the control station was! 
Pirates in the bay!
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Here follow several of the Opera House, which was cycling through an impressive number of designs:


And finally, some rather more random exhibits:

We spent some time discussing all the, ahem, polite messages you could deliver to that annoying tailgater behind you if only this screen was available on all cars....
Donnie Darko's less scary brother 
For some reason, these people were holding a tea ceremony between the protective paws of the rabbit 
This was awesome - down the front there was a control unit whereby if you "touched" the mouths with the blue line you can see running down the building, they would sing to you.

This is only a very small amount of what was on in the city, and it was great fun wandering around and coming upon the weird and wonderful! I'll leave you with this - they are balls bouncing on the water's surface and you could operate the mouth by speaking into a microphone. It starts out funny, but after too long, well, it just gets plain weird...

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