Sunday 9 March 2014


We are very happy to announce that as of 10am on Thursday, 27 February we became the loving owners of ALL OUR STUFF! Yes, it finally overcame high drama in London, high seas over here and then the high-ly annoying customs red tape in Sydney before making it safely to our flat. Jan stayed home to welcome the new arrival:

It was actually a lot less than we had imagined. Now all that was left was to play the good old, "What on earth did we pack?" game. It has been three months since we left - and who knows what went into the boxes in the madness of those last few days? It was just like the Christmas we never had! And it turns out we were sensible and only packed the absolute essentials:

This is a hand warmer. A used hand warmer that doesn't heat up any more. Just so you know. 
(Note: I wanted to put up a picture of a straw in the shape of ... well... erm, a particular part of the male anatomy that apparently the packers in London must have seen in our drawers and duly packed, but Jan vetoed that on grounds of "appropriateness", or lack thereof). 

We spent a couple of days rummaging through everything, sorting it out, and now the flat is looking more homely. It's almost like civilisation in here! I can't fully articulate the LUXURY of that first night of sitting down to dinner with actual plates and not plastic bowls! Drinking out of actual glasses! Using cutlery that wasn't liable to snap in two if you applied too much pressure! JOY!

In other news, Kym has found a place to stay, so we have taken the sofa bed she was sleeping on and turned it into an actual sofa - so we now have multiple bum-parking options as well! 

As I write, Jan has just headed down to our (wonderfully convenient) basement storage area/car space to store some of our winter things. We still have plenty of things to find places for though - and I am sensing another trip to the *shudder* furniture centre in order to buy some new things to put our things in...

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