Tuesday 11 March 2014

On Britishness and weather and zoos.

After a long week at work last week and much wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding a recent Windows 7 update, I determined to fully enjoy last weekend and get some sightseeing done. I decided this regardless of the predicted bad weather on Saturday - after all, am I not an Oates? And do not Oates's brave all weather conditions in order to enjoy a day out? And drag all others (Jan) with them? Why, yes! Yes, they do! 

The weather here last week was mainly rainy with the odd interspersed thunderstorm of biblical proportions. Sydneysiders get almost as overexcited about the rain as the British do about the snow - and multiple "severe weather" warnings go out on the television and radio for what the British would consider a light shower (judging by recent UK conditions, anyway).  These storms usually only last a couple of hours, however heavy they are. That's right - TWO HOURS! Not two days or two weeks or even two months! And - and - it's warm before, during and after the rain! Whowuddathunkit?!

So being an Oates and a British person, I thought, "Pah!" to the clouds and rain, "I will wear my jeans and take my fleece and enjoy my day trip out".

So on Saturday off we went to Taronga Zoo to see the lions and tigers and bears and such (cute fuzzy animal pics to follow).  You have to catch the ferry to the zoo, which is very beautiful, and then you get to the park entrance via a cable car, which also offers spectacular views of the harbour.  As we reached the park, I was noticing a distinct ... lack of rain. In fact there was a large amount of RIDICULOUSLY SUNSHINEY sunshine. HOT sunshiney sunshine. And an awful amount of BLUE SKY. 

Yes, yes, I am in fact moaning about perfectly beautiful weather conditions - but please remember I am wearing DENIM and carrying a FLEECE at this stage and possibly look like the weirdest person in the park. Certainly the sweatiest, that's for sure! 

But despite the extreme sweat I had on for the rest of the day, we had a really good time. We saw some natives chilling out...

As well as some more exotic types...

And also some very CUTE specimens...

We also saw a platypus, which I was super excited about, and a Tasmanian devil - and of course my ultimate favourite, the GIRAFFES!  You could feed them carrots, but only if you had some sort of pre-paid ticket, which I was very sad not to have. I am going to smuggle in my own carrots next time and cut out the middle man I think. 

Next weekend we are hoping to get out and about again, but no fear, I have learned a very important lesson about life here in the southern hemisphere - I must shake my British reaction to rain! Unless there's a "severe weather" warning, I won't be putting on anything other than a summer dress!

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