Monday 9 December 2013

A small offering from bad bloggers...

For a blog about our adventures in Aus, we have become conspicuously quiet since getting here.  Apologies for the silence, I have been thwarted by things like, erm, going to work mainly.  I mean, honestly, how rude that I am actually expected to put in full nine hour days to get paid.  Don't they realise I came here to have adventures?!  Anyway, all seems to be going well so far - in other words, they haven't fired me yet.  But then I haven't been live on air yet either.  I have been busy learning myriad new computer systems, remembering how to type fast and working out the coffee machine.  All very important tasks that have demanded much of my tiny brain space.

So whilst I craft a mammoth post detailing our first official week as Sydney-siders, I will leave you to enjoy this little video Jan put together of our canyoning adventure with friends.  Two thoughts on this:

1) It's scary.
2) Don't punch the rocks on your way down.

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