Sunday 6 October 2019

Autumnal Adventures: Forest Walks - Mushroom Hunter Edition

Skipping as lightly over the 1.5 year blog absence as we did the beautiful autumnal leaves, suffice to say a few things have changed in the Kollhofsphere. One of the major ones being a move not only of countries but also hemispheres! We’re back in the north again and no-one is more excited about this than me, getting to document my most favourite of all the seasons - autumn. My second favourite is winter. Probably not best to dwell too long on why we moved to a country that is sunny all year round.

Anyway, now we live by lakes and woodland, giving me a fantastic chance to get in touch with my inner leaf-kicker again, whilst also introducing my now-nearly-2-year-old everything-kicker to something she’s allowed to put the boot to.

But what we’ve seen so many of on our walks here so far have been mushrooms! They’re everywhere and in many different varieties. None of which I know the poison potential of, so mainly walks have been accompanied by a lot of hysterically yelling “no touching”, somewhat disturbing the peacefulness of nature. But at least Lily isn’t dead, even if she does shout “no touching” and “no stepping on” at every fungi she sees now.

Anyway, here’s some pictures of our finds so far! I’ve included official fungi names for reference.

Mushroom hunters at the ready.
Less than 5 seconds after I took this, Lily stamped on it. Hence the “no stepping!” rule.
Wall-clinger-onners. Official name, promise.
”Ice-keems”. According to Lily.
Your standard umbrella model.
More like a parasol with the frilly edges.
Double umbrella.
Two-tone toady.
Sleeping beauty.

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