Friday 1 January 2016


Another year Down Under has whizzed by! And although I still have about ten bazillion posts to write to cover everything that's happened, I thought I'd do a review of the year in pictures (mainly because I'm still too full of pavlova and prawns to do much of anything else...).

January 2015 got off to a rockin' start at the country music festival in Tamworth:

Pigs were raced and silly pictures were taken:

Last one back gets turned into a sandwich!
If only I'd obeyed the sign...
In February, we apparently had a quiet month. Pig racing will do that to you.

In March, we went all Lord of the Rings and forged our own wedding rings with metal, flame - and love:

These are NOT the finished product. I just like this picture...
In April, we stepped away from the furnace for a sneaky weekend away in the Blue Mountains - and I coined the phrase 'Prunnymoon*'.
* Pre-honeymoon, innit. You're welcome.

Relaxing on mah prunnymoon...

Funky bedroom

Technically it wasn't cold enough for a fire, but we opened all the doors and lit it anyway...

Bush bath.
In May, we celebrated Easter in the traditional way:

In June? Well, this happened*:

* Eternal thanks go to the marvellous Jay Emme who was just an absolute legend the whole day, and gave us the beautiful pictures below and many many more.

There was laughter and tears: many tears:

 Also, some DIY:

(But that explanation is for another blog).

In July, we recovered - much like pig racing, weddings will do that to you...

In August, we went for our first trip to the Australian snow:

September saw me up my walking game, enjoying Coogee to Bondi in all its spring beauty:

October saw me turn 21 again. Just how does that keep happening?

In November we discovered some more of our adopted home on our honeymoon in Tasmania (with a brief stop in Melbourne to see friends - and the Lego Christmas tree!):

Our rolling wagon of love....

Tasmanian devil eating her dinner... It's the ciiiiircle of life!

It's made out of Lego! (The tree, not Jan's beard...)
And we finished the year with a real Aussie Christmas - sunburnt and having eaten too much - in the country (more on which soon):

And on that note, we wish you all a wonderful, prosperous and happy 2016! We'll be back with more exciting adventures then - promise*!

* It's one of my new year's resolutions to write WAY more up in here. But then again, my other resolutions are to do more exercise and to stop talking to the television at work... So, you know....

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