Thursday 6 February 2014

All Quiet on the Eastern Front...

Apologies for the lack of any meaningful content on here of late. I'd like to say it's because we have been out and about experiencing the wonders of our new environs - but mainly it's because we have been on the "Work, eat, sleep, repeat" cycle. Turns out working and living in another country is - well - pretty much the same monotonous dross world over! Although with the added benefit that my bike is not part of any trade union, thus has no workers' rights and therefore cannot fight for them by going on strike and refusing to take me to work - hah! Although it protests in its own malicious way by attacking me with its spiky metal pedals when I'm not looking - so I guess all is fair in love and capitalism.

I would love to give you all updates on the large amount of beautiful furniture and personal possessions we have in our new flat - but I can't. Because they are still out there in the ether somewhere teasing us - "Yes, the mattress for your bed will be no less than four weeks"(said 4 weeks and 1 day ago), "Yes, your container has arrived in Sydney and is waiting for someone to be bothered to unpack it" (oh), "Your sofa has to be made in Shanghai and then returned, but yea, verily it will be with you in March...". Hrrumph.

I suppose the most exciting thing that has happened recently is - we went to the beach! Jan learned to surf! There was a shark in the water! Yes, a real shark! Not that we saw it - I squinted out at the waters expecting (in some "took-Jaws-way-too-seriously-as-a-child" way) to see an ominous black fin gliding through the waves (to a backing track of the theme music, natch), and there was just.... nothing. Well no, actually, there was a drunk girl refusing to leave the water - until the lifeguards went in and dragged her out (well, accidentally hit her in the face with a jet ski is more accurate) so that was exciting. Also Jan got another free surf lesson in recompense. And the shark was chased away and didn't end up getting cruelly and unnecessarily baited and shot like its west coast counterparts - so everyone was a winner really.

We have had some very exciting news recently - but I am now going to behave like one of those frustrating friends you have on Facebook who tantalise you with some snippet of gossip or emotion or mystery event and then claim they can't/don't want to talk about it. I mean seriously - PUTTING SOMETHING AS A STATUS ON FACEBOOK IS THE OPPOSITE OF NOT WANTING TO TALK ABOUT IT! LEARN SOME COMMUNICATION SKILLS DAMMIT! Ahem. Anyway. Exciting news will be forthcoming once I have full permission to unleash the joy.

Other than that, the next big thing is this:
Yes, that's Jan and, no, he is not competing. I "created" my own Olympics image as I was too scared to use an official logo - I don't want the Russians coming for me in the night for violating their rights or anything...

I am HIGHLY excited for the Games though. Partly because a small bit of me has died in envy at all the skiboarding trips people are participating in right now (IT SHOULD BE USSSS!!!) and this will be my vicarious ski trip. Also partly because I am now officially working nights for the next two weeks to caption the coverage live. AWESOME! Well - it's one of those things that seems like it could be awesome in the abstract - in reality staying awake all night working will probably suck the actual living soul from my body, but hey-ho, it's only for the next two weeks, right?  Erm, right. So if the next post turns into some teeth-gnashing, angst-ridden, nonsensical drivel fest - please point me in the direction of the nearest caffeine drip (to be inserted directly into my eyeballs).  Thanks so much, and see you on the other side....

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