Friday 1 November 2013

Teenage Kicks

If you have ever idly dreamed about how much simpler things were when you were a teenager, or how how simple and innocent your first love was, and wished you were back there - DON'T.  Going through the visa process has been somewhat like that unrequited, head-over-heels, crazy first love we all went through.  You spend ages dreaming about what it would be like if it came true, you start planning in your head for the eventual realisation of said love, you start bargaining with your chosen deity* that if only - if only - this happens you will do whatever is required of you.  Then you spend a lot of time and effort concocting just the right form of words that must surely sway the mind of your True Love (to be sent in a letter/text/Valentine's/voice message/dating website/whatever teens do these days) and send it off and hold your breath.  And wait.  And wait and wait and wait.  And sneakily check whatever medium you have used to send the message (is your phone still connected?  Still receiving calls/texts?  Has your email suddenly broken/started putting all emails in the spam folder?  WHY IS IT ALL WORKING FINE, DAMMIT!).  And still nothing arrives.  And now you are desperate!  Why, oh why, haven't you heard anything?  What does it mean?  Did they get the message?  Read it?  Are thinking about just the right response?  Do they hate you and have dedicated themselves to ignoring you for the rest of their lives?  WHAT?!?!

So every day, we keep on checking our emails (including the spam folder), we keep on checking the immigration website and we keep on keeping our fingers crossed that sooner or later a message will come to say ... Australia loves us! And we can go on our first date!  <3  <3  <3

*or fate, destiny and chemical chance, if you don't have a deity to call God.

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